Hydropeptide 2 Step Peel and Glycelene Beauty Serum

Have you noticed your skin looking a little dull or dehydrated lately? Mine does when the weather is constantly changing, and Los Angeles is a little confused right now. It will go from pouring rain to bright and sunny within a few minutes. The back and forth in the air has been sucking out all the moisture in my skin, leaving my face a little lifeless, which is not the greatest considering I don’t wear makeup during the day.  When I need my skin to look awake (especially when I don’t),  I do a quick at home facial with the Hydropeptide 2 step peel that takes at most five minutes, and finish off with my favorite serum from Glycelene.

The Hydropeptide 2 Step Polish & Plump Peel was designed for at home use to give you instant results in a short amount of time, perfect for big events or just a quick pick me up once a week.

Before you start, make sure to wash your face with a gentle cleanser and leave your skin damp. Apply the polishing crystals which contain vitamin and scrub all over for about a minute. This will help to resurface your top layer of skin, and minimize fine lines and wrinkles.


Step two is your activating serum which contain peptides which will plump and firm your skin. 3-4 pumps should be enough for your entire face and apply directly onto the crystals, you will notice a little bit of foaming action while it does its magic. Massage for about 2-3 minutes and rinse off.

After I’ve done the 2 step peel I like to apply my Glycelene Beauty Serum, which contains peptides, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants, with my jade roller to hydrate, plump, protect against environmental damage (such as pollution), and create the perfect canvas for either makeup application or the rest of your skin care routine. Make sure to wear sunscreen during the day and use a heavy moisturizer at night time before bed. I recommend the serum for every day use and the Peel once a week for best results.


Natura Bisse Diamond Instant Glow

What’s more luxurious than an instant at home peel and face lift. This 3 set of ampules includes a peel, radiance and lifting serum, perfect for a special event or an instant pick me up from daily fatigue.

• Exfoliates, provides luminosity and tightens.
• Minimizes wrinkles and signs of fatigue.
• Instant micro-lifting and firming effect.

Step 1) massage the peel serum all over face and leave on for 8 minutes. I didn’t feel any tingling and I have pretty sensitive skin. I left it on for around 15 minutes and wiped it off with my Makeup Eraser ( a makeup removing cloth you can purchase at Hue At Dusk). My skin instantly looked brighter and less tired.

Step 2) Massage the Radiance serum all over face and wait one minute to dry. Do not rinse off. My skin instantly looked like it was glowing from within. The product dries down and doesn’t leave any surface residue.

Step 3) Apply the lifting serum and let dry completely before applying makeup. Skin looks radiant, lifted and awake. I used this right before bed but this would be great in the morning or special night out.

Is it worth the splurge? I would say yes.

Farmacy Honey Potion Mask

Self care can include many things.. like a weekly face mask. One of my favorites is the Honey Potion from @farmacybeauty that self heats (fun!), nourishes, and revitalizes your skin for a glowing complexion. Honey is a natural humectant, which helps to lock in moisture, and the propolis is a natural healing antiseptic that’s found in beehives and helps heals the skin and create a natural barrier. I love using this mask right before I shower because the steams helps to intensify the heating effect.


Glossier no Makeup look 

Really impressed with the quality of the @glossier products. The foundation and concealer stayed put all night without needing a powder and the light shade isn’t a warm tone 🙌🏼. Plus the skincare didn’t irritate my skin. Now I understand the hype..
Products used:

Milky Jelly Cleanser

Priming Moisturizer

Skin Tint in light

Stretch Concealer in Light

Boy Brow in blonde

Haloscope in Moonstone (gives a dewy highlight effect)

Birthday Balm dotcom

@nudestix All Over Face color in Bare Back (cheeks and lips)

@milkmakeup Kush Mascara

@lisewatierus Havana Light bronzer

Greek Business Spotlight : Voula Beauty

I just so happened to have come across this brand by chance. I was at work looking through a beauty business magazine when I noticed them on the brand spotlight page. What really caught my eye was that they use an ingredient called Mastica, which is a tree sap found primarily on the island of Chios in Greece, Continue reading Greek Business Spotlight : Voula Beauty

Beautycon Los Angeles 2017 haul

I know this post is really late but I went to Beautycon in Los Angeles for the first time this year. I ended up buying a bunch of products and getting some stuff for free. I’ll try and update this at a later time with some more products I got but here are a few.

Continue reading Beautycon Los Angeles 2017 haul

Flwrfood CBD infused oils

These CBD infused oils from FLWRFOOD have been life changing. I was lucky enough to have gotten Carpel Tunnel in my early 20’s thanks to constant overuse of my wrist vein a hair stylist and typing a lot. My hands start to hurt when they are in constant use and go numb at night. I came across @flwrfood recently and was able to get a couples to try out. I took up crocheting (painful!) at the same time I received these so what better way to test out a product! I started applying the oil when I was working and found it to be very helpful! My hands didn’t feel so stiff and the pain starting numbing itself out. I would reapply every couple hours and now I take it with me to work where I am typing all day. The rosemary oil I add to my salad dressings to help with my anxiety and stress. I’m so happy I found this company and look forward to trying more of their products.

Here is a break of each product.


CBD Infused Coconut Oil! Cannabis gets a bad rep and Coconut Oil doesn’t get enough credit! So many benefits packed into this 1oz tincture of glory. This little gal can go with you everywhere. She’s great to simply add a dropper in your morning coffee or tea, soothing in a b

ath or when added to other natural moisturizers, and an incredible quick pick me up by administering a few droppers under your tongue. She’s been known to kick anxiety within minutes, ease pains and sooth skin disorders, and even fight cancer! She won’t let you down.

Coco Loco(1oz-250mg CBD) – $30

Ingredients: Raw Organic Coconut Oil, CBD Flower Extract, Chamomile, Spearmint



This little guy will blow your socks off! We took some of the most incredibly savory flavors in the food spectrum and of course infused them with our favorite thing .. CBD! Rosemary, garlic & olive oil are probably three of the most commonly used ingredients used in todays kitchen. Our CBD Infused Rosemary Garlic Olive Oil is now your new sous chef! Who knew garlic and rosemary were packed with so much power?! Not to mention everything CBD has to offer. You can add this to almost every dish you create at home, or any dish you order out! Get into it .. you’ll thank us later!

Rosemary Garlic(1oz-250mg CBD) – $30

Ingredients: Organic Olive Oil, CBD Flower Extract, Rosemary, Garlic


There also have a variety of other products that contain CBD oil


Northern Lights Candles

Can we talk about how beautiful this candle from Northern Lights Candles is. The second I took it out of the package I could smell it before I even knew what it looked like. Blue is my favorite color and the white goes with my room. Here is the a little background on the brand.

“Established in 1978, Northern Lights has been brightening the world and beautifying homes with the warmth of candlelight for over 35 years. Our strong roots in the “art of candle making” have led to an eminent reputation as a leading designer of luxury candles and artisan made accessories. Our hand poured candles are made in the USA using fine fragrances and essential oils. Our wax blends contain soy wax and other natural based waxes and we use all cotton wicks. Our vessels comes from responsible sources and are designed to be repurposed. This combination of quality components gives our artisan made candles their clean burning qualities, superior fragrance throw and contributes to their long-lasting value.

Our mission is to bring creatively designed, socially responsible products to market that will inspire you on a daily basis. By sourcing materials both domestically and internationally, we’re also able to support local artists and their communities around the world. We feel privileged to be your source for designer artisan candles. Let’s brighten the world together.”



Unveil your ceramic shibori bowl from the uniquely designed canvas tote to find one of four distinct Indigo dye patterns. Inspired by the zen spa, our aromatherapeutic fragrances will transport you to your happy place.

Fragrance Notes:
Citrus, cucumber water & light florals with exotic woods

Product Details:
Burns 50 Hours
13 oz




Purplgoat healing crystal toner 

This Healing Crystal Toner from PURPLGOAT is amazing! It’s antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and made from a combination of aloe Vera, marshmallow root, rose quartz crystal, Himalayan salt and grapefruit essential oil. It’s best used on cleaned skin and can be stored in the refrigerator for an extra cooling effect. Check out her instagram and website for more artisan healing skin care products.

Made without:




IPSY glam bag August 2017

I made a quick video on the contents of my IPSY August 2017 glam bag. Not sure how i feel right now about this subscription service, but I’m going to stick with it for a few more months. Everything in the bag is something that I would use. I got a full size liquid eye liner, a brush 2 sheet masks, a travel size eye shadow and a mini brow pencil. I will post a few break down soon.

Dose of colors DESIxKATY collection 

How pretty is this collaboration between Dose Of Colors and Desi Perkins and Lusteruxe. The collection includes an eyeshadow palette called The Girls which includes four topper colors, two highlights, the lighter one called Fuego and the darker one is Mirame, two liquid lipsticks, a red orange called Hot Fire, and a dark purple called Savage, two nude lipsticks called No Creamer Please and No Shade, and a glitter lipgloss topper called Over The Top. All these products are limited edition but they will be doing a restock in September. I will be posting swatches soon and better photos. Did you end up getting the collection?